Wednesday, 21 September 2011

No 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

Hiya folks :) So this post is a little different, I thought I'd try my hand at a beauty post, I probably won't do another soon as I have several book rewviews coming up but I may well do some more in the future- let me know what you think :)

Recently, my favourite mascara: The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara ran ran out completely, the only other one I could find after digging through all of my make up bags was Rimel London Volume Max Bold Curves, which I cannot stand, I got it for christmas and loved the green tube, but the content was so dissapointing, it just clumps up my eyelashes and is awful, I certainly didn't get Lily Cole's perfect lash look from the adverts! Of course I could have just bought another Divide & Multiply but I like to try new products...

So I was on a mission to find myself a new mascara. Step one: research... or put plainly, spend half an hour hunting round the internet ;P Pricewise I wasn't too fussed, I don't mind paying a lot for a really decent mascara but then the highest price doesn't mean highest quality so I wanted to read some reviews from beauty bloggers to get real opinions on what would be best to buy.

On my hunt for the perfect mascara there were three things on my check list. Firstly I expect a lot, I want volume AND length, I don't like settling for one or the other. Curling mascara's I've never been inclined to try as I have naturally curly lashes and curl them manually before mascara anyway so I usually go for definition mascara's. Secondly absolutely no clumps, I was so dissapointed with the Rimmel mascara and dertainly didn't want another like it. The last thing I was looking for was a standard shaped brush. Anything like this

 or this

I've always thought is not for me, for some reason I've always preffered a straightforward  basic brush. However after seaching for reviews of loads of mascara's I kept coming across really good reviews about the No 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara. And so I decided maybe it was high time to stop discriminating against differently shaped brushes, since it sounded like a really good mascara that would give me length, volume, definition- and no clumps :)

The brush may well look pretty standard to you, but it's more unusual for me than anything I've tried before, I've always stuck to completely standard brushes!

Using my friends staff discount card at boots ( very bad of me I know) I bought this for cheaper than the normal £12.50 but I feel even that price is fairly reasonable. The tube is a dark green colour which I really love, and a nice shape, it looks rather sleek and classy I think. It doesn't stand out in my make up box but I personally like the design. As for the mascara itself... I've fallen in love with it and am very glad I chose it. The brush is almost perfectly designed and tons better than a standard brush, I'm glad I overcame my prejudice :P

One side is used to apply the mascara, which gives plenty of volume and length, the other has very fine little bristles and is used to comb through the lashes preventing any clumps and seperating the lashes to provide- yep you've got it... exceptional definition. This side is also fantastic for bottom lashes if like me you want to apply mascara to them but in a much subtler way than the top lashes. It allows you to apply a small amount and you can build on this... a normal brush just makes the bottom lashes stand out too much in my opinion. The end of the brush is rounded with tiny little bristles and is ideal for reaching the smallest lashes in the corner of your eye without getting black marks on your nose- or is it just me who does that?

Have I found the perfect mascara?... maybe not but I do love this mascara, it ticks all the boxes for me, and is suitable for any occasion, one coat gives a lovely daytime look while two or three is perfect for evening. Oh and it's also a nutrient enriched mascara which earns it even more brownie points.

Has any-one else tried this mascara or have another favourite mascara?

Heather xx

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