Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Kite Runner: My Thoughts...

 The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

The Story:
The story follows the life of our protagonist Amir, a rich boy from Kabul in Afghanistan, throughout his life. He is best friends as a boy with his servant Hassan, but their friendship sees some dark moments. Later on in his life, Amir is forced to move to America with his father and starts a new life there, only to return yet more years later, haunted by his past, his mission to save Hassan’s son Sohrab from some really awful circumstances in order to redeem himself for his betrayal of Hassan as a boy.

My Thoughts:
This is actually a book I had on my shelf for months before reading it. A friend lent it to me and told me it was fantastic, but for some reason, I couldn’t summon up the enthusiasm to pick it up. But I couldn’t be gladder that I did in the end! It was such an amazing experience, to read a book set in a completely different culture, that I previously knew absolutely nothing about and to then become so immersed in it. Of course I can’t know that it was actually an accurate representation, but I think I got a real feel for a whole different way of life. This book is probably nearly unique in the way it portrays an afghan culture to a western audience. It highlights the differences between the two cultures perfectly, when Amir and his father move to America.
The story is one that really touched my heart. I felt for the characters more than I usually do, which is saying something and they felt like real people to me. I liked how Amir as the main character wasn’t perfect and faultless as some main characters can be. He was a coward and he let down his best friend so deeply that I wanted to travel through the pages to get through to him and make him change his actions. But he acted as many human beings would, and it had to happen that way, for this is a story about cowardice and bravery, friendship and betrayal, right and wrong, guilt and redemption and the nature of evil. One of the key scenes early on in the book is horrific on a number of levels, so be warned, but again it’s crucial to the story.
The story is split into three parts and it’s the last third which is the most heartbreaking, as Amir attempts to make amends by saving Hassan’s son. I don’t feel he ever got the redemption he was seeking but I was so glad this very sad book ended on a hopeful note, and I like to think of the characters who are left alive, living happily ever after.

In a Nut Shell:
I really, really love this book. I don’t think ‘enjoyed’ is the right term for this book as at its core this book a truly sad story. But it’s a powerful story and one that will always stay with me, beautifully written and incredibly thought provoking. It also portrays the differences between two very different cultures. I would recommend it whole heartedly to anyone!

Heather xx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Follow Friday: Music! :D

Hello Lovelies <3

I haven't blogged much in a while, but I thought I'd join in with Follow Friday again this week- only to find out it's now a monthly thing! But last weeks question turns out to be perfect, as I was considering doing a post about music already, since I've been busy spending my chirstmas itunes vouchers today, and deciding which artists and which songs I liked enough to buy. Not that I want to buy the artist themselves! So, it's not last Friday, but is a Friday, so I shall answer anyway :P
Follow Friday is a blog hop posted by  Parajunkee’s View and  Alison Can Read.

This weeks (last weeks) question is: Many readers/bloggers are also big music fans. Tell us about a few of your favorite bands/singers that we should listen to in 2012.

Some singers/groups I've loved for a long time include: Muse, Paramore, Tokio Hotel. Plain White T's, Kate Bush, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Adele and Lady Gaga. However, I've recently been looking for some new artists (well new to me) by looking at some friends blogs and looking up the soundtracks to tv shows when I hear a song I like... and  there are several female artists,whose music I'm loving and listening to all the time at the moment, so see if you like them too:

Christina Perri

Ingrid Michaelson

Kate Walsh

Agnes Obel

Gabrielle Aplin: who I am going to see in March!

Oh and I also have to reccomend 'Silently' a charity single by a friend of mine Chlay, an ME sufferer like myself, although much more severely affected than me. This single is raising money for the ME association, Chlay's really talented and so it's a beautiful song, you can buy it for 79p from itunes and it's for a good cause, so please do listen and buy it if you like it!

I have posts coming up on the Kite Runner and the Little House, and then hopefully in the not too distant future the Hunger Games and Catcher in the Rye, so keep an eye out for those if you're interested.

Love to all

Heather xx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Happy New Year One and All



A New Year.... and a New Start... Just a quick post to wish my lovely followers a very, very happy new year, I hope this new year is filled with much happiness and wonderful experiences for you all J

This year, I’m hoping will be the best year yet for me, as if all goes to plan it will be the year I get to go to university, which I’ve been desperate to do for what feels like forever. Roll on September! But if this doesn’t happen there’s still twelve months ahead where any number of wonderful things could happen, so I’m feeling positive and I’m not feeling any January blues this year  Perhaps this will be your most exciting year yet too!
 I’ve decided to make monthly resolutions this year, instead of the traditional New Year’s pledge to lose weight and be an all round better person, and will update on how I manage with them as the year progressesJ
January’s resolutions are: to keep in contact with more of my friends regularly, eat more healthily, get prepared for and book my driving theory test and to focus on doing positive things that will help my health.
 Unfortunately I haven’t included updating  my blog more often for this month, but I’m planning to include that in February or March’s resolutions, so bear with me,  I will get into the hang of being a regular poster in the end J Does anyone else have any new year’s resolutions to share?
Much Love and Happy New Year Vibes
Heather xxx