Monday, 11 July 2011

Bridesmaids: My Thoughts

Last week I went to see Bridesmaids- on a wednesday because yes I like a bargain and i'd rather pay £3 than £6,but then the other £3 went on buying myself a fanta frozen- the best drink ever after shloer which I'm in  love with- so I didn't end up saving after all :P
I wasn't expecting a lot from it, it just looked like the best thing on when I looked at the list of films currently showing and thought it would be your average chick flick romantic comedy.

The Story

Annie, ( Kristen Wiig) is a thirty something women whose life is frankly in a bit of a mess, she's lost her cake making business along with all her money, lives with two very strange siblings, has a job got for her by her mother which she hates, and is in a casual relationship with a guy who throws her out of bed in the morning at the beginning of the film. Her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) then tells her she's enagaged and Annie becomes chief bridesmaid. She takes an instant dislike to Lillians new friend and another of the bridesmaids Helen (Rose Byrne)- pretty legitimatelty as she's an upper class snob who makes no effort with Annie and seems to enjoy showing her up. The whole crew of bridesmaids prove to be an odd mix of people who provide some good entertainment.
Annie's life continues to fall apart around her, she loses her job and her flat, it appears to Lillian that Annie is sabatoging the wedding plans and so she is fired from her role as chief bridesmaid and uninvited from the wedding. On top of this Annie ruins her budding relationship with irish police man Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd) who is obviously the perfect man for her. On the day of the wedding Lillian goes missing... can Annie find her and make ammends? Will the wedding run smoothly? Will Rhodes forgive her? Watch the film to find out! :P

Any Negatives?

I liked the mostly women cast and the different characters of all the bridesmaids, however I felt there wasn't enough development of two of them in particular and I would like to have seen more of them. They just felt a little two dimensional.

Although there were lots of funny moments I felt too many of them moved from funny to completely cringey and my friend and I were both watching through the gaps in our hands which were across our faces. One scene in particular, where the bridesmiads go to try on expensive dresses in a posh shop after having lunch in a didgy restaurant and then suffer from poisoning bringing on vommiting and diahorea- i can never spell that!-which gets everwhere, was just awful, personally I didn't enjoy it at all, it was just too much and really gross! I also felt this film was a bit too long, and didn't always flow fast enough, some scenes were just too drawn out.

Parts that Stood Out

Annie's antics after getting drunk on an aeroplane- helped by Helen- is very laugh out loud funny! As was a scene twoards the end where Annie and Helen were trying to get Rhode's attention  (who was ignoring Annie after she ruined their relationship) by driving past committing all manner of driving offenses. I think the scene I laughed at the most however is at the engagement party where Annie and Helen fight over the microphone both gushing about how much they adore Lillian and competing to profess the most love for her, this had me in stitches!

In a Nut Shell...

It's refreshing to see thirty somethings looking their age, not air brushed and perfect looking like in some hollywood films, there isn't as much vanity in this film, which I saw as a good thing. This film is very funny and has the audience laughing all the way through it. Yes it goes on a bit too long and has some awkward cringey scenes and okay it's far from being an unmissable film but I think Annie is character easy to relate to and there are lots of laughs provided. If you want to watch something fairly lighthearted that will give you a ton of laughs then this film could be worth seeing.

Heather xx

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