Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Happy New Year One and All



A New Year.... and a New Start... Just a quick post to wish my lovely followers a very, very happy new year, I hope this new year is filled with much happiness and wonderful experiences for you all J

This year, I’m hoping will be the best year yet for me, as if all goes to plan it will be the year I get to go to university, which I’ve been desperate to do for what feels like forever. Roll on September! But if this doesn’t happen there’s still twelve months ahead where any number of wonderful things could happen, so I’m feeling positive and I’m not feeling any January blues this year  Perhaps this will be your most exciting year yet too!
 I’ve decided to make monthly resolutions this year, instead of the traditional New Year’s pledge to lose weight and be an all round better person, and will update on how I manage with them as the year progressesJ
January’s resolutions are: to keep in contact with more of my friends regularly, eat more healthily, get prepared for and book my driving theory test and to focus on doing positive things that will help my health.
 Unfortunately I haven’t included updating  my blog more often for this month, but I’m planning to include that in February or March’s resolutions, so bear with me,  I will get into the hang of being a regular poster in the end J Does anyone else have any new year’s resolutions to share?
Much Love and Happy New Year Vibes
Heather xxx

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